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Accurate Geolocation

Go beyond borders. Our global IP database delivers unmatched detail, from country and city to latitude and longitude, with industry-leading precision

Supports IPv4 & IPv6

Our Geolocation API leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest accuracy possible for both IPv4 and IPv6.

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Say goodbye to API headaches. Our straightforward documentation and intuitive endpoints make integration a breeze.

Trusted Around the Globe

Unlock granular location analytics with a real-time Geolocation API used by global leaders.

Powerful & Scalable

Stop settling for limitations. Our API handles massive volumes with ease, delivering powerful & scalable Geolocation for growing businesses.

Technical Support

Get the answers you need, fast. Expert technical support for your Geolocation API journey.

General Information

✪ What is KrishnaIP

KrishnaIP is a leading provider of geolocation IP API services. Krishna IP offers businesses and developers unlimited free access to a IP API that allows them to track and find the precise locations of IP addresses worldwide. With comprehensive data, accuracy, and seamless integration, KrishnaIP empowers organizations to enhance their geolocation capabilities and leverage the potential of geolocation data. Whether you need to geolocate website visitors, prevent fraud, tailor content, or enhance security, KrishnaIP provides the tools you need to make informed decisions and deliver personalized experiences.

✪ What is an IP Address?

An IP API can provide you with accurate geolocation data, gain insights into your website visitors, and improve user experience through personalized content. Find the best IP API solution for your needs, with detailed information on features, pricing, and integration options on KrishnaIP

✪ What is My IP Address?

Looking to find out your IP address? Discover what an IP address is and how it impacts your online experience. Learn how to find your IP address and understand its role in facilitating communication between devices on the internet. Whether you are curious about your IP address or need it for troubleshooting purposes, this guide will provide you with all the information you need. From IPv4 to IPv6, delve into the world of IP addresses and gain a better understanding of the technology behind online connectivity. Find out everything you need to know about your IP address in this website

✪ What is an API?

Imagine you are at a fancy restaurant. The menu is the API, listing all the delicious dishes the kitchen (the system) can prepare. You (the programmer) choose your course (send a request), and the waiter (the API) delivers it to the chef (the system). Soon, your meal arrives (the response)! That is essentially what an API does: it lets different software "talk" to each other. Websites, apps, and even devices use APIs to share data and functionality, creating a seamless, interconnected experience.